Law Firm Credit Managers – can you help?   Leave a comment

Any credit or revenue managers who have tried to obtain legal sector specific data will be able to tell you that it’s not easy to find.  There are annual surveys that include comment on credit management, such as the one conducted by PWC but as our area is just a small part of general financial and profitability management, details are hard to find.

This has proved to be a challenge for a new contact of mine, a student of the ICM working in a top 20 law firm, needing comparable data on provisioning policy and practices to form part of her submission for her MICM(Grad) Diploma.  With a submission date of mid January 2012, the pressure is mounting!

How about doing your good deed for the day?  You can help by completing an 0n-line, anonymous survey covering your organisations policy and practices regarding the management of old debts.  Your identity, contact details and firms name are not required. Paste this link into your browser or click on the interactive twitter link shown below left.

Just a few minutes of your time will leave you with that satisfying feeling that you made a difference today !

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