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Do you remember how you felt as a newly appointed credit manager?  The elation on hearing that you’ve got the job and then, if you were anything like me, weeks of doubts about whether you could live up to both your expections and those of your new employer!

In times when the budget for training and personal development is often spent on compulsory or regulatory matters, career development support can be hard to find, especially in smaller organisations.  That’s why I’ve made contact recently with many of my friends and colleagues on LinkedIn to ask for more volunteers to come forward to join a panel of experts who are willing to give a helping hand to the latest generation of newly appointed managers, working in small firms where a natural peer group is lacking.  The panel members can be called upon by any young manager seeking guidance on a specific issue, or looking for some longer term mentoring.

If you have more than two years experience in a Credit Managers role in a law firm or barristers chambers and would like to offer your services, please email with Panel of Expert Volunteer in the subject line.

If you are seeking a credit management mentor, or have a question for the panel, contact with Support Request for the Panel of Experts in the subject line.

For news updates on this initiative, watch this space…..

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