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Over the summer I’ve really enjoyed working with a friend of mine on bringing to life some training material that most people, might be forgiven for finding a bit boring!

It’s a fact, the things we need to know to make a success in business, are not always the most stimulating.  How many training sessions have you been to where you’ve been clock watching throughout, you try to force yourself to concentrate but your thoughts keep drifting back to the office, or that meal you need to cook when you get home.  You get through the material during the session, you take away a neat pack to store in the office as an ‘aide-mémoire’ but if two weeks later, someone asks you what you remember about the training, you may struggle to name more than a couple of things.

My training programme is aimed at busy professionals, working in the administrative function of Barristers Chambers.  They may have done a full days work before attending my workshops and therefore, I have quite a challenge to engage them, keep their interest throughout the programme and ensure that they have grasped enough of the subject to make a real difference with their new found knowledge when they get back to work.  I also want them to enjoy the sessions so much that they want to come back and take part in the rest of the programme.

Christine Bell of Bellthompson has done a great job of working with me to create a workshop in which the learners engage in active learning throughout.  All the facts and details are provided but the limited face to face time we have is spent working practically with case studies, engaging in debate and discussion and getting to grips with data in a fun and memorable way.

If you want to find out what Christine thinks, see

For more about the course see

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